Hello there! Maybe you are wondering what this strange place called CandaceOnline is all about.

Well, let me try to help. I’m Candace, and this is my online world. Hence the name CandaceOnline.

I create things. I’m an artist, a crafter, and a writer, among many other things. I sell some of my work in my Redbubble and Etsy shops.

That’s two of my paintings right there–>

Pretty much all of my work is available as a custom order. I can do a painting or craft a new creature specifically for you.

I make a weekly blog post. Mostly these are about a new creation of mine, but sometimes they are about something else that I enjoy.FGLeveled

You can receive my weekly posts directly in your email inbox by subscribing on the right side of the page.

I like to connect with you guys. I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Links to those are also on the right side. Please feel free to email me.

So explore the site. Hopefully you will enjoy my world and want to hang out with me here.

Welcome to CandaceOnline!


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