Daylily Abstract

I went to the botanical gardens a few months back and took pictures. Some of them were of daylilies. I found inspiration in all the beautiful colors and shapes.

This is an abstract painting I did earlier this week, loosely based on one of my daylily pictures.

It is mixed media- a combination of watercolor and acrylic paints, with some marker thrown in. On an 8 x 10 canvas.

Restoring Rambler Emblems

The week before last, I spent time restoring the metal emblems on my Rambler to their former red, white and black glory.

Having had no experience in repainting metal anything, I threw myself into it with an “I can do anything” attitude.

There are three emblems on my Rambler- one on the back and one on each side.

When I started painting the first one, I realized it was going to be more difficult than I had imagined. The small details on the pieces were overwhelming. How to get those little letters to stand out?

I had to be very careful about what I was painting and how. I powered through, and after the first one was done, I had a system worked out.

The first one looks worse than the others, but all three emblems look way better than they did before I worked on them.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. I’m glad I did this myself and would do them again if I needed to.


I forgot to take a picture of the first one before I began working on it. This is after I started painting.

This Came Out My Brain

Had trouble titling this post… went with the obvious. It’s been a hectic few weeks, with very little time for painting.

I finally reached that point where I needed my art solace and made myself stop doing everything else for a bit.

I finished this painting this afternoon. It’s on an 11 x 14 canvas. I had no plan, no idea what I wanted this to look like when I started, but am pleased with the results.

Love Celebration Painting

Here’s an abstract piece I did the first week of July. It’s a fun, bright colored painting on a 16 x 20 canvas.

I call it “Love Celebration” because I scribbled the word love in there and the lively colors make me think of a celebration.

Love Celebration

This is while the paint was still drying.

Fun with Silhouettes

When I took my narrative portraiture class I bought a pack of five 8 x 10 artist panels. They were meant to be used to test colors, but I didn’t use them for that.

I decided to play with silhouettes instead! I really like the look of some of the silhouette art out there and have loads of ideas based on them.

The simplicity of a silhouette appeals to me. It also allows a lot of play with color and mood.

Creating a certain mood or evoking an emotion is part of what I love about art. If art makes me feel anything, and I do mean anything, I like it.

There was a statue in the Louvre that I fell in love with. To this day, I have no idea what precisely it was about that statue. It was a white marble statue, flanking a doorway into an exhibit, as if it was an afterthought. (Oh, let’s throw this here, it will be a nice decorative touch).

That marble statue struck a chord with me. I was standing there staring at it for what felt like a lifetime. I was filled with such warmth and sorrow. I didn’t realize that I had tears running down my cheeks until one of my friends approached me and broke into my reverie with concern.

I don’t remember ever crying over any other piece of art. There are plenty of paintings that I love and adore because of how they make me feel. But I will always, always remember that statue and the reaction it provoked.

I think that’s part of my drive to create. I want to make beautiful things, things that make people happy, or at the very least, make them feel. People need more of that. To feel something.

I went a tiny bit off topic there, but my point is that the stark contrast provided by silhouettes makes me feel. Which inspires me to create them like crazy.

Here’s five paintings I did using silhouettes. There will be more to come. I enjoyed making these. I hope you find some joy in them!

I drew the outline of each silhouette freehand and just had fun with them.

All pictures and artwork by CandaceOnline.

Zen Abstract Painting

The abstract piece that I am going to share with you today is one that I struggled with. When I first started it, I had one idea in mind for it.

Then as it started to take shape, I envisioned it going a different direction. This different direction looked a certain way in my head and I kept sketching it out on sheets of paper before working on the canvas.

These sketches never looked right! It drove me crazy. I spent weeks not working on the canvas because I just knew it wasn’t going to come out the way I wanted it to.

Then I learned the lesson that, as an artist, a writer, and a human being, I have to keep repeatedly learning. Nothing is ever perfect and sometimes you just have to let your art become what it wants to become.

I started this painting at the end of last year and finished it the week of July 7th. I didn’t make it out to the studio much over the winter because it was so freakin’ cold!

Here it is, in all it’s glory and I’m actually pleased with what it became. Even if it doesn’t look like what had been in my head.

It is on two canvases, a 16 x 20 and an 8 x 10. I think of this as my “zen abstract” because I was intrigued by zentangle pieces when I started it and based the drawing off of that concept.

This is while it was in progress. I was still painting and drawing in lines.

The completed piece, still drying.

Narrative Portraiture

Learning is something that I think everyone should continue to do, every single day. If I find an opportunity to improve a skill or expand my knowledge, I try to do it.

Which means that when I found a narrative portraiture class in acrylic painting, I was excited to jump right in.

The class taught me some new things and I am glad I took it. I had never painted using glazes. I’ve never built up layers of color in this manner. Little things came up that I had never thought of- draw your base sketch in watercolor pencil? Why didn’t I think of that?

I never had any formal training in acrylics, and am always interested in trying out new techniques. Anything that might make my work more exciting and add depth makes me happy.

My painting is on a 14 x 18 inch canvas. I call her “Kelly” and I am happy with the results. It took me a few hours a day for seven days to complete this piece.

I found the process to be difficult at times. I don’t know that I will use these methods in the same way in the future, but I am sure I will use them again. I always like to remind myself that you have to know the rules to break them.

You can find the narrative portraiture class I took here.

I would say that it is a good class for beginner-intermediate painters that are going to be painting the same picture the instructor paints. I did not use the same picture and it was a bit tedious to watch the videos when the focus was on that specific subject.

Overall it was a good class and I will use the lessons for future projects. If you are completely new to painting this may not be the best class for you.

That’s my two cents. Now here’s my painting in progress.

All artwork and pictures by CandaceOnline.

Aura Painting

This painting is one that floated around in my head for a week or so until I was able to work on it. It’s on an 11 x 14 inch canvas. I call it “Aura”.

I began work on it on July 10th and completed it July 11th. It is done in acrylics and india ink, with the base sketch in graphite.

It came out pretty well in my opinion.


All pictures and art by CandaceOnline.

Mirror, Mirror Canvas

I am thrilled that I have been able to get back out to the studio lately and want to share a painting with you guys that I finished earlier this week, on the 9th.

Awhile back I saw a mirror that I just had to have. It has these lovely copper colored metal pieces coming out from it, forming leaves and other shapes. There are round stones in the midst of all the metal work.

The mirror itself is small and round. The real beauty of it is in the pieces around it. It is a pretty decoration and I’ve really enjoyed having it on my wall.

I was looking at that mirror the other day and had this vision of a painting flash through my mind. Of course, whenever that happens, the painting will pound on the sides of my skull until I make it real.

It always takes on a life of its own as I work on it and becomes something else, but that is part of what I love about creating things. This piece has turned out to be one of my favorites that I’ve done.

Here’s a look at the painting as it progressed and the final piece. I call it “Mirror, Mirror”. It is on a 16 x 20 canvas.

Have any questions about my art and the processes I use? I’ll be happy to answer! Just comment below or contact me!


All pictures and art by CandaceOnline.

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Inspired by Mehndi Designs

I was looking through a book of Mehndi designs a few days ago and then was struck by an idea for a drawing inspired by them. So here’s a look at a drawing I did this week.

It’s not exactly as it looked in my mind (it never is) but I quite like the end result.


The very start of the base sketch.

My completed base sketch.

After the sketch was done, I went back over it in various sized black ink tips and erased all the excess pencil marks.

Then I began to add color.

Finished adding in color.

Began work on shading, adding small details, and fixing things I had missed.

The completed drawing.

Closer up.

All pictures and art by CandaceOnline.

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