Nevermore Bookmarks

I have been making some Edgar Allan Poe inspired bookmarks. They are free standing lace, embroidered in the hoop on the machine. I think they are a lot of fun and if you’re a fan of “The Raven” you need one!

I am offering them in 4 colors available now in my Etsy shop, or you can custom order them in any color you choose! Just keep in mind that lighter colors on a dark background are going to be harder to read.

Here’s a look at the ones I am offering. Visit my Etsy shop or products page to purchase.


This bookmark design is by Urban Threads. If you do any embroidery, by hand or machine, you should check out this site. They have awesome designs at great prices and an excellent licensing policy.

Pictures taken by CandaceOnline.

Crocheted Wrap Bracelets

In my eternal search for awesome stuff to create, it occurred to me that I should make some wrap bracelets.

Which is when I went a little (more) crazy and made dozens of them.

I crochet the bracelet itself from my own pattern and then I add charms and buttons. I really like the way they are coming out, and they are quick to make.

Here’s a quick look at some of the ones I’ve done. Look in my Etsy shop or products to purchase.


Craft of the Week

The great VD is fast approaching and I decided to create some products for my Etsy shop in honor of this wondrous (hrm) day!

I had been wanting to make some new jewelry for awhile and figured why not combine needle felting, metal, beads, and hearts with a healthy shot of consumerism?

Thus, the following earrings were born. I had a flash of humor and cynicism while making these, and “luv” almost became “lies”. This led to many fun ideas.

Which means that my next set of jewelry that I produce will most likely be funny/inappropriate/cynical/etc.

Here are some painfully bad pictures taken on my iPad of the process I went through to complete these earrings.

At the moment these are available to buy in my Etsy shop, so if you want either pair, you might wanna hurry on over to the checkout before they get snatched up! Enjoy!


 I started with two sheets of wool that were about the size of my palm.

I rolled those sheets of wool into a tight egg shape and then needle felted them with my single and double 40T needles.

Starting off with the 36T needle, I shaped the top of the heart, adding the dimple in the middle. I continued to shape the wool with the 36T and 40T needles.

Once I was satisfied with the heart shape, I cut a smaller heart shape and strips out of prefelt. After I laid out the strips to form the letters I wanted, I needled felted the prefelt onto the hearts using the 40T (I love my 40T).

I went ahead and made a second set of smaller hearts out of pink wool (stabbing myself a few times) and gathered my supplies to create earrings. I used head pins through the center of the hearts.

Using a 3 inch doll needle, I created holes through the center of the hearts and then inserted the head pins. Notice I used a looped one for the small hearts.

After the head pins were inserted into the hearts, I took beads and strung them on another head pin in the order I wanted them to hang.

Apparently I got so involved in what I was doing, I forgot to take pictures.

After I strung the beads onto the head pins I formed a loop in the metal above the beads using the tools pictured (I don’t know the names for them thingys) and cut the excess metal off.

Once that was completed, I attached the newly made loop above the beads to the loop on the head pins going through the hearts.

To finish the top of the earrings, I formed a loop in the metal head pin with the tools, cut the excess and attached the silver plated earring hooks to those loops.

I then went back over all the needle felted parts with the 38 needle using a surface stroke. When I felt like everything was felted well, I took my curved scissors and trimmed any fuzzy wool that was sticking out.

Taaa-daa! Earrings!

I like the set with the beads so much that I wore them around for the rest of the day.

The “luv” ones are cool because I left the back solid red and they are reversible. So they can be worn all kinds of ways!

Here’s some better pictures of the finished earrings and if you click on them, it will take you straight to the Etsy listing.

New Products Available

I have added an assortment of new art and craft items to the Etsy shop this week. Here’s a quick look at a few of the awesome things available just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Click on the pictures to go directly to the listing for that item.


Original Works of Art

This signed original piece was featured in an Art of the Week post a few months ago and is now up for sale, including frame.


My painting of purple flowers, done in watercolor and acrylic, is now available. It is on a 12×12 canvas, signed and sprayed with a UV protective coating.


Crocheted Items

An infinity scarf that I crocheted in multiple colors with orange fringe from my own pattern is up for grabs at a great price!


This is a beautiful infinity scarf in cherry red that I crocheted earlier this week. It is big and warm. It makes for a cozy and stylish wear.


Needle Felted Items

I sat down one evening with a ball of green wool and this little cyclops is what came out of my head. He’s a funny fella and he’s ready to come home with you!


This OOAK doll took me over 25 hours to needle felt. You guys have seen her a lot lately on my social media feeds and in Craft of the Week. She now ready to go home with one lucky person.


These are just a small sampling of what you can find in my online shops. Visit my Products page to take a look at more. Keep an eye out on the Etsy shop because there will be new listings on a regular basis.

Craft of the Week

Hi all! So I figured I have a regular Art of the Week post, so why not a Craft of the Week post, too? This is the first of many to come!

You guys know that I’ve recently started to learn sculptural needle felting. Last month I decided to take on the task of creating a whole doll using only a needle and wool…

Below you’ll see the completed doll and in-progress pictures of her. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen some of these.

She sits at 11.5 inches tall. She is flexible, so she can be posed. Her name is Bianca.

The name came to me one night while I was working on making her body. Everything on her is made from wool that I felted and shaped.

She does have detailed lady parts, so I wrapped felt around her in some of the early pictures after her body was done but she had no clothes yet.

She was a lot of fun to make! This was my eighth needle felting project and my first complete doll. I love how she came out.

She took about 25 hours to create. I spent most of that time on detail things, like her face and clothes. Her hair took some time, too. I used curly wool roving on that and styled it.

Visit my Etsy store or contact me for OOAK art dolls available for purchase or custom order.



Sculptural Needle Felting

Guys, I think that I may be addicted.

A few weeks ago I came across Kay Petal’s Felt Alive site. I don’t even remember what I was looking at originally. I am sure that I was looking up something that had to do with my crochet dolls.

Her amazing needle felted dolls sucked me in immediately. I was in awe.

I also had no idea what needle felting even was. (And in case you are as clueless as I was, it is super simple. You literally have wool and a needle and are able to make anything with just these two tools. More info here.)

After researching, watching videos, and shopping around some, I ordered a Pixies kit from Kay so that I could try it out. I got my kit on November 19th (horrible timing for my NaNoWriMo novel).

I made my first pixie. And I could not stop. I had used up all my wool within two days. I signed up for her workshop and ordered more wool, of course.

I had made adorable little creatures in no time. I am mesmerized by the fact that you can do so much with so little. The possibilities are endless.

We all know that I am drawn to people in my art. I love making dolls. Needle felting is no exception. I have spent hours already on faces alone.

I have always enjoyed sculpting clay and 3D figures. Needle felting allows me to bring in the best of the things I enjoy and still use my imagination.

The wool is very forgiving and can be molded into anything. It’s easy to fix any mistakes, too.

Kay’s workshops and videos teach you a skill and you get to create anything you can imagine from that.

I can watch her video, then build on those techniques and create something entirely new and different. I am excited to develop the skills and see where it takes me.

A lot of textile artists use needle felting to create some amazing things. I love searching and looking at pictures of their work. It inspires me.

I love the work done by Birgitte Krag Hansen and Richard Hanna. He made a beautiful Medusa sculpture and this lion:


A needle felted sculpture by Richard Hanna. Click image to see more of his work.

Earlier this week I was able to make a sculpture of one of my flower people paintings. I created a stem for her and she is able to stand on it. She is only the sixth thing that I have ever needle felted.

My flower person sculpture that stands up on her own.

There are so many projects and ideas flying around in my head. I can’t wait to take you guys on this journey with me as I start this new phase in my arts and crafts.

My next needle felting project is going to be a complete doll with a full body and clothes. You can be sure that I will be posting pictures as that progresses!

Some Inspiration

It’s been a busy week here at CandaceOnline. If you haven’t yet noticed, there were some changes made to the website.

The home and product pages have been updated. The menu on the right has new links to my shop and social media sites. There’s a new search option, too.

You can now subscribe by email to my blog. I have also added a new Gallery page where you can view my arts and crafts all in one place.

I hit over 50,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel on the 14th, a day before the halfway point! My goal for the month has been upped to 80,000.

Last but not least, if you missed the announcement, my Etsy shop opened yesterday. You can get 20% off this weekend in celebration of the grand opening. Just enter the code GRANDOPEN at checkout.

Now that you’ve been updated, let me leave you with some inspiration!

Youtube is a great place to find videos that will offer you motivation and encouragement. Whatever your thing is, there are videos up there on how to do it, tips, tricks, etc.

I love going on there and watching the videos of people doing their artwork. Some of my favorites are the ones doing abstract paintings. As you guys know, that is my thing these days!

I’ve been knocking out new sets of abstracts on a regular basis. Usually I have a starting point in mind, what colors and shapes I will use, but sometimes I just start slapping paint on the canvas and go from there.

I love the videos done by John Beckley. Here’s a great one by him:


Etsy Shop Grand Opening

Alright, guys! The new Etsy shop is officially open!

There’s a few signed art prints available at a great price. They are glossy print, high quality, and signed by me in my lovely scribble.

I’ve got a selection of pre-made crocheted dolls and creatures listed. Of course, almost all of my crocheted items are available for custom order in any color.

To celebrate the new shop, I’m offering 20% off your total purchase for the weekend. Just enter the code GRANDOPEN at checkout.

The sale will be going on today, the 15th, through the end of the day on the 17th. So if you see something you want, this is a great time to buy!

All of my items make great gifts. Order anytime between now and December 8th to allow for Christmas delivery.


New Shop Coming Soon

I am excited to share with you all that I have been working on new products and will be opening an Etsy shop in the next few weeks.

Currently you can buy prints, iPad cases, and various other items with my artwork on them from my Redbubble shop. That won’t change. Those products will still be available and I will continue to add artwork there.

The new Etsy shop will focus more on the craft side of things. It will feature handmade crocheted items.

Some art will be available. You will be able to get original pieces of art and signed prints of my artwork at the Etsy store, for a great price.

I will be offering custom crocheted dolls and other crocheted creatures. You’ll be able to pick the hair color, eye color, etc for your doll and it will include an adoption certificate.





Teri Crews from Teri Crews Designs has officially approved the use of her patterns, which I appreciate greatly.

So if you love her patterns and don’t know how or don’t want to crochet them yourself, you can visit my Etsy shop! You will be able to custom order a handmade, one-of-kind, crocheted cutie.

They’ll be made with love, of the best quality, and come from a smoke free environment. These make great gifts and the shop will be open in time for you to order for Christmas.

Keep an eye out for the grand opening announcement because I will be offering a discount for the first few days!

Crafts: Crochet

I know I’ve mentioned before that I also do some craftsy stuff. My mom taught me to crochet when I was younger and I enjoy making animals.

One year for Christmas, I crocheted little bears for everyone. Each one was unique to the person I made it for, featuring their favorite color, etc.

Last year I made my dad an afghan. I had always wanted to make one and am proud of it and myself.

I made a scarf years ago that I still wear and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.

I recently made an elephant and tiger to sell. I really did not like the elephant, but it actually sold.

This (making some money) has led me to spend more time on crocheting things lately. I finally made Penelope (the name I gave a doll I crocheted) a dress and she is for sale.

I made a new elephant using a different pattern and I already like this one better.

I’ve been using some of the patterns by Teri Crews. She is amazing. Her patterns are great and she has absolutely no problem with people selling work they make based on those patterns.

The tiger I made was created using Teri’s “Darling Bear” pattern. I made tweaks to the pattern along the way and did my own thing in some places, like adding a tail, etc.

So check Teri out. I like giving credit where it is due and her work is great. Her patterns inspire me and are affordable.

Some parts of making these creatures isn’t fun at all. Like sewing the pieces together or embroidering the face. But I am always so excited to see how they look at the end that it is worth it.

Here’s some of my creations:


This is the elephant that sold.


The tiger I crocheted from the “Darling Bear” pattern.


Closer up so you can see his whiskers.


This is the second elephant I made, from a different pattern. I like it a lot better than the first.


Side view so you can see the tail I made and some of the other polka dots.


This is Penelope, the doll I made. I think her dress came out great.


A closer look at the details. I love her hair! The dress is removable and she has a little belly button that I crocheted.


A few weeks ago I won a book from Quirk DIY called Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden. I am super excited to have won it. I want to make a bunch of the projects.

The other night I made one of the patterns, of the devil. I call mine a “lil devil” because I made it with crochet thread instead of worsted weight yarn.


My Lil Devil.


I glued the felt pieces on his face to make him look more evil. He has a goatee!


I’ve got a lot of ideas for crocheted creations and will share them with you as soon as I have a few more made up!

If any of you crochet, I’d love to see your projects! Send me pictures!

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