When I took my narrative portraiture class I bought a pack of five 8 x 10 artist panels. They were meant to be used to test colors, but I didn’t use them for that.

I decided to play with silhouettes instead! I really like the look of some of the silhouette art out there and have loads of ideas based on them.

The simplicity of a silhouette appeals to me. It also allows a lot of play with color and mood.

Creating a certain mood or evoking an emotion is part of what I love about art. If art makes me feel anything, and I do mean anything, I like it.

There was a statue in the Louvre that I fell in love with. To this day, I have no idea what precisely it was about that statue. It was a white marble statue, flanking a doorway into an exhibit, as if it was an afterthought. (Oh, let’s throw this here, it will be a nice decorative touch).

That marble statue struck a chord with me. I was standing there staring at it for what felt like a lifetime. I was filled with such warmth and sorrow. I didn’t realize that I had tears running down my cheeks until one of my friends approached me and broke into my reverie with concern.

I don’t remember ever crying over any other piece of art. There are plenty of paintings that I love and adore because of how they make me feel. But I will always, always remember that statue and the reaction it provoked.

I think that’s part of my drive to create. I want to make beautiful things, things that make people happy, or at the very least, make them feel. People need more of that. To feel something.

I went a tiny bit off topic there, but my point is that the stark contrast provided by silhouettes makes me feel. Which inspires me to create them like crazy.

Here’s five paintings I did using silhouettes. There will be more to come. I enjoyed making these. I hope you find some joy in them!

I drew the outline of each silhouette freehand and just had fun with them.

All pictures and artwork by CandaceOnline.