In a previous post, I explained NaNoWriMo. It’s that time of year, and I will be participating again this time around.

I have been reading through my first NaNo novel from 2004. I haven’t looked at this story in years.

The story takes place in the future, in a world where many people have left Earth and live in space. There is a war going on between the “Earthlings”, an organization called “The Treaty” and aliens.

A lot of work needs to be done to the story, but that is to be expected from something I wrote over the course of 30 days and had never thought of before that.

I haven’t edited anything yet. There are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, so for now you will have to forgive those.

Don’t worry- this novel is still my main writing focus and I am working hard on it. I am hoping to self-publish it within a year!

Here’s an excerpt from my 2004 NaNoWriMo Novel:

Captain Ellie had sent out a message for help. The Treaty, the organization that owned this damned station refused. They had their own attacks to fend off at the main base, they couldn’t spare any ships. She had even called for the earthlings to send up a few of their ships to help save them. They had refused, saying they had no reasons to help us when we wouldn’t help them.

Bitter earthlings. The bastards. All of them. The Treaty, the earthlings, the aliens. Damn this three sided war. Ellie sat down in the control room and covered her face with her hand. They were all going to die.



Dre hadn’t moved and I put my hand on her arm.

“We’ve got to get Jasper!”

“That man, I recognize him.”

I didn’t look to see who she meant because I was already fighting the crowd of moving people to find my way back to the resident hall. Dre came behind me, but was not paying much attention. I noticed then that she wasn’t repaired, her chest covering, a flesh substitute used on all androids, was hanging open.

Looking at her, I knew the whole thing in the jail must have been a malfunction. With a part missing from her mechanics, having been shot and not fully repaired and then I wasn’t sure when she had last been charged, I knew she must have been only half working properly.

I found the area where our rooms were. No one was to be seen. Everyone must have been in the docking area. Smoke was filling the upper parts of the halls, covering the roof. I opened my room, packing my backpack while Dre checked Jasper’s room.

They joined me, Jasper looking weak with sweat on his face. I wondered if he had a flu of some sort. I handed Dre my bag and took Jasper’s arm and draped it over my shoulder. On the way back to the docks, my head throbbing and the alarms beginning to really bother us, I saw someone limping forward, leaning against a wall in a darkened corridor to our right. My mind went to what I had done to Kyla.

I handed Jasper over to Dre and told them to keep moving and I would catch up. I went to help the person, I saw fire sneaking down the hall behind them. The lights were beginning to go out. I was even more shocked when I reached the wounded person. It was Kyla.

She had her eyes closed and wasn’t getting very far. I pulled her to me, walking backwards to the docking station. Her feet dragged. Blood covered her lips.  Tears came to my eyes. What had I done?

I backed right into Dre and Jasper, who were just standing at the door of the docking area. I turned, my arms aching from the burden of Kyla’s weight. People all throughout the docking level had stopped moving. Some were crying, others were like us, standing there.

No ships were left to board. None. It looked like everyone left here was going to die. I wasn’t willing to give up and I knew the moment I had started to drag Kyla from that corridor that I was going to do whatever I could to keep her alive.

Dre looked at Kyla and grabbed her hand. I asked if she would help hold  Kyla. Jasper was standing straight and looked a little better. He said he could make it fine by himself. I watched as Dre lifted Kyla and carried her on her back.

Leading them out of the docking area, no one asked what I had planned. Which was lucky, since I had no plan. There just had to be a way to get out of here. I went the opposite way from where we had just been. Jasper coughed behind me, racking coughs that had him bent over. We stopped and waited. Kyla started to mutter. Every time I looked at her I wanted to cry and I hated myself just little more.

We reached the repair shop, which was the other end of the station. No where else to go after it, except back. I saw Lonnie, walking around humming. The alarms had stopped sounding and the only noise was the sound of explosions and the station rocking. Lonnie seemed oblivious to what was happening.

He saw us and waved, smiling. I went over to him.

“Lonnie? Don’t you know we’re about to die?”

“What? Die? Don’t think so.”

Lonnie wiped a wrench with an old rag to rid it of grease. I watched him, so calm and composed.

“Why’s that?”

“I got an old ship back there. I’m gonna pack up a few more things and get going.” Lonnie looked around and saw the others, his eyes widening. “Hey! You guys want a ride?”

I was suspicious. I felt my eyebrow raise.

“Whose ship is it?”

“Does it matter? I don’t see the owner here to claim it.”

The station rocked hard and tilted. I looked back at my broken friends. I nodded my head and went to them. We helped Lonnie pack and the stolen ship sped away just a moment before the station blew up. Dre watched out the window as the fire lit up the sky for a second and then went out.