It is that time again! NaNoWriMo starts in a few weeks on November 1st and I am taking another go at it this year.

So gird your loins, people. Prepare yourself for my crazy rants over the next month or so while I try desperately to squeeze 50,000 words into a coherent, novel-like form in 30 days.

And then for when I try to edit those paragraphs that were born in the dirty trenches of NaNoWriMo. Because as those of us Wrimos know, polishing these words into something resembling turds is even harder than putting them on the page in the first place.

I jest (no I don’t). Seriously. I’ve found that a large amount of humor and self-deprecation is needed to make it through these months ahead.

If I am going to achieve 50,000 words in 30 days, I cannot take myself too seriously. I’d lose my freakin’ mind if I did that.

Since I have accomplished this feat in previous years, I have some idea of what I am in for.

So, as usual, I have formed a plan. This year the plan is: no plan at all! This plan is a little easier to follow since I am going to “cheat” this year.

Technically it’s not cheating. Not really. Read the rules. It’s not. (thou doth protest too much) I will be continuing work on my current novel, not starting a completely new one.

I will only be submitting the words written, brand-new, in the month of November to the contest. So it really isn’t cheating. I’ll be writing all new words.

My goal/hope is that at the end of the contest, I’ll not only have 50,000 new words under my belt, but my first draft of the novel will be complete.

At which point I will begin the mind-numbing work of editing it and will emerge from my cave in 2014 with all my hair gone and a complete second draft.

AH! Everyone wish me luck! I feel I should also point out that I probably won’t be posting as much of my artwork since my focus will be on NaNoWriMo for awhile.

I’m crazy excited, though! And, as some have said, I might just be plain crazy.

That’s ok, since I think it is glaringly apparent that to undertake NaNoWriMo and succeed requires some insanity.