Alright, I told you there were going to be changes! I’ve merged my Candace in Motion blog with my CandaceOnline page. All blog posts have been transferred here. My facebook page is now named CandaceOnline so that everything will be easier to find and less confusing. Hopefully this transition will go smoothly!

In addition, you can now find me on Twitter (Follow @CandaceOnline or click link at the bottom of post). I have fought hard against joining into this particular trend- I find it to be a bit, um, well, stupid. But I can also see the value in it. I’ll reach a larger audience (hopefully).

For the moment, things are still very much under construction and progressing. I’m in the process of setting up an Etsy shop, and adding more of my work to the gallery.

I’m excited to get all of this base work out of the way so I can start making new things to share with you!