Today was a lovely day- the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the temperature was just right. I took the opportunity to throw open the doors and curtains on my 1972 Holiday Rambler and get some work done.

I spent most of the day out there, working on the ceiling. I also hung up the clock that I have redone. Which lead me to realize that I haven’t shared anything about my Rambler lately.

My RV is made with a clock in the main living area, built into the cabinets over the sofa. The original piece was falling apart and broken when I got it.

So I took it down, ripped off the old numbers (what was left of them), repainted it, made new numbers, jazzed it up, then replaced the hands and the mechanism.

I used acrylic paints on it. I started with a white base and then splattered colors that match my throw pillows and future curtains (I’ll share that with you when they are hung up) across the white.

I used numbers that were cut from scrapbooking paper and added buttons for the dots, using paint to glue them down.

The hands are a dark royal blue and one is a moon, the other a sun.

I don’t know if this is what I will leave up permanently, but I think it is definitely an improvement over what was there when I bought it.

Here’s some before and after pics of the clock, along with a sneak peek of how my new ceiling is going to look.

I forgot to get a close up picture of the original clock before I worked on it, but you can see it in this picture I took of the damage to the ceiling: