Well, guys, the read-a-thon was last week! Here’s what happened, in case you missed it…

I decided in a fit of what I thought of at the time as inspiration to sit down and read all 4 books in the Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry in ONE DAY. Here’s how that came about.

So on July 12th, I was all set to wake up and get into reading. I expected it to take about 16 hours.

I overslept and got started about an hour and a half later than I had planned. (I was watching my online backers screening of “Wish I Was Here” until 1am. Fantastic movie!)

I finished “The Giver” before lunch, “Gathering Blue” about 3 hours later, and then seemed to get a little stuck on “Messenger”.

(If you guys have read that book- can any of you tell me what the hell was up with that ending? Come on, Lois!)

At that point I began to doubt if I would be able to complete all 4 books in that one day.

I sucked it up, though, and got back down to business. I finished the 4th book late that night. It took me less than 16 hours to read them, which was better than I had thought I would do.

Would you all be interested in reading my reviews of these books? This post is meant to be a recap of the event, but if you want to know what I thought of the stories themselves, let me know and I will be happy to post a review.

The day before, I had gotten a Goodreads newsletter that mentioned Pages4Progress, a website where you can log your pages read and it will raise money for literacy and basic education.

That seemed like a perfect motivator and I decided to pledge my read-a-thon pages to it. I ended up with a total of 956 pages read on the 12th, so that is awesome!

I’ll probably keep logging my pages read until September 8th- International Literacy Day. They are working towards a goal of 2,000,015 pages read by that day.

The takeaway from my read-a-thon: I had never challenged myself to a reading goal like that. Typically I read when I am enjoying it, which just happens to be quite often.

I did reach a point where I wasn’t having fun. My eyes felt strained and I wanted to work on other things. I made myself keep reading to reach my goal. So it did take some of the enjoyment out of reading for me.

Overall, I liked the challenge and enjoyed being successful at accomplishing my goal. I wouldn’t say no to doing another read-a-thon. I probably won’t do one on a regular basis, but would certainly consider an annual one.

Did any of you guys do a read-a-thon lately? How did you enjoy it? What did you read?