It’s been a busy week here at CandaceOnline. If you haven’t yet noticed, there were some changes made to the website.

The home and product pages have been updated. The menu on the right has new links to my shop and social media sites. There’s a new search option, too.

You can now subscribe by email to my blog. I have also added a new Gallery page where you can view my arts and crafts all in one place.

I hit over 50,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel on the 14th, a day before the halfway point! My goal for the month has been upped to 80,000.

Last but not least, if you missed the announcement, my Etsy shop opened yesterday. You can get 20% off this weekend in celebration of the grand opening. Just enter the code GRANDOPEN at checkout.

Now that you’ve been updated, let me leave you with some inspiration!

Youtube is a great place to find videos that will offer you motivation and encouragement. Whatever your thing is, there are videos up there on how to do it, tips, tricks, etc.

I love going on there and watching the videos of people doing their artwork. Some of my favorites are the ones doing abstract paintings. As you guys know, that is my thing these days!

I’ve been knocking out new sets of abstracts on a regular basis. Usually I have a starting point in mind, what colors and shapes I will use, but sometimes I just start slapping paint on the canvas and go from there.

I love the videos done by John Beckley. Here’s a great one by him: