Here are some links to sites/people who inspire me. These are artists or people whom I have followed over the years that I look to when I need a lift or encouragement.

I want to mention someone that I have chosen not to link to. An artist that inspired me for years- Jessica Galbreth. In the making of this blog post, I discovered that she has cut ties with her earlier works. She believes she was possessed by a demon while creating her “dark art” and has destroyed all originals in her home.

This is shocking to me, as the art she no longer claims has been such a huge part of my journey as an artist. I think those pieces depict beauty and wonder. I love them. I suppose her current views personally offend me because for a time when I was younger, I attempted to mimic her work. I learned a lot from studying it. Much of my style is made up of what I picked up from her and other fantasy artists like her.

As of now, she does only angel art. It is still beautiful work, and she is a great artist. I am saddened by her denouncement of her earlier fantasy work. I am not linking to her because she has removed all the works that I found so inspiring from her website.

Anyway. I hope you all can find your own inspiration from these resources. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these are some of my loves. I could gush and tell you stories about them, but I will provide links and let you form your own ideas.

I have divided them into categories for convenience, but I find that many of these overlap.



Selina Fenech

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Paul Kidby

Luis Royo

Linda Ravenscroft

John Howe

Brian Froud



Fit Mama Training

A Life Less Bullshit


Impossible HQ

The Oatmeal: Running



Almost Fearless

The Art of Non-Conformity

Terry Pratchett

Neil Gaiman

Matador Network